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Welcome to the Carroll C&D Management Facility community website.  Here you will find updated information regarding the project, as well as informational resources and media releases.




Two Big Developments recently in Sealands' application to expand the landfill and recycling services previously offered by Jones-Carroll, Inc. at their Dodge Road site in the Town of Carroll.


  1. The NYSDEC will issue Sealand their permits for the facility expansion.


The NYSDEC is granting Sealand the permits for the expansion of the landfill and recycling facility and they are releasing the FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT.

Read the FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT on the Information/Application Documents page to see the answers to all the communities questions and concerns that were written in during the public review period or recorded at the February 7, 2018 public hearing.

Also see the FACT CHECKER PAGE to help weed through the fake facts and misinformation that is still being pushed on the public regarding the facility.


   2.  The Court ruled in favor of Jones-Carroll or Sealand and a trial is next.

The Court explicitly denied the Town’s core argument that Jones/Sealand three remaining claims had been “finally determined”, and that the Town won.  As the court said, “that contention lacks merit” and “that position did not prevail”.


First, remember, the original lawsuit was brought by Jones-Carroll, Inc, while Sealand was awarded intervenor status.  The Court dismissed Sealand’s claims for a regulatory taking and substantive due process violation because Sealand does not own the property.  Jones-Carroll remains a plaintiff and does have a vested property interest so the regulatory taking and substantive due process violation claim against the Town remains valid.

The Court left Jones/Sealand’s third cause of action for invalidation of the law intact, and reinstated Sealands' claim of ethical violations by the Town board.

Therefore, all of Jones’ claims will go to trial, along with Sealand’s Third Cause of Action that the “2007 Law is unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious,” including the claim that a Town board member had a conflict of interest and committed ethical violations.


Sealand Waste LLC (SW) is a division of Sealand Contractors Corp, a private enterprise headquartered in Rush, New York.  SW's mission is to provide high quality, responsive, and environmentally sound waste management services to the private and public sector at competitive rates.

Dan Bree, sole founder and President of SW is a former part owner of Seneca Meadows, Inc. operating out of Seneca County, New York.  In 1983, Dan began to upgrade an existing waste disposal site in Seneca Falls and under his leadership, transformed that uncontrolled waste site into New York States premier solid waste management facility, complete with composting, recycling, energy recovery and land disposal services.

Dan's status as a leader in the industry is in large part related to his strong dedication and commitment to community, as was recognized by the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce award as Business of the Year for 2003.  The Chamber acknowledged the company's tremendous beneficial impact on the community, including Dan's emphasis on the purchase of local goods and services, and substantial contribution to the tax base.

In 2004, SW entered into an agreement to purchase the Jones-Carroll C&D landfill and recycling facility on Dodge Road in the Town of Carroll, Chautauqua County, New York.  SW's application to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for the state-of-the-art Carroll C&D Management Facility is complete, and is ready for public review and comment.


"We are sincerely looking forward to working with and being a part of this community.”

Dan Bree

"The voice of the community is important. We understand concerns need to be addressed and expectations need to be met."

James Daigler

"Even though I had reservations, I do believe this could have a positive impact in the area that we live."

Community Member