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Project Overview

SW proposes to construct, operate, close, maintain and monitor a C&D management facility to recover usable materials from the waste stream, and for those materials that cannot be economically recovered, provide for the recycling or proper disposal of C&D waste.

Yard waste composting will also be available to serve the local community by providing an outlet for yard wastes and the availability of compost for onsite use in reclaiming the site; as well as for use by the Town of Carroll and its residents.  These operations will take place in a State-of-the-Art receiving and sorting facility with processing equipment and windrow composting areas.




Advanced social development requires essential infrastructures, including buildings, roads, power supplies, water treatment plants; and, solid waste management facilities.  These facilities aid in the protection of our environment and safeguard public health, safety, and welfare.  Despite efforts in waste prevention, the rise in popularity of convenience products and the speed at which advancing technology produces obsolescence, results in a steady rate of waste generation.  The constant building and refurbishing of housing and commercial real estate is a cornerstone of the economy, and the need for recycling, reuse and disposal of C&D waste will always be present.

Recognizing this need for responsible solid waste management infrastructure, New York State has established prescriptive waste handling and disposal regulations that far exceed the minimum federal regulations and are among the most strict and comprehensive in the Country.

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