Re-use and recycling are important elements of New York State's waste management hierarchy.  The CDPO will process C&D debris that cannot be recovered for the manufacture of discretionary cover for landfilling operations, aggregate for use in access road construction, wood waste for resale to wood burning facilities as boiler fuel, and metal for resale to scrap metal processing facilities.

Compost Pickup Service


The Carroll C&D Management Facility will accept leaves, grass clippings, small brush, tree limbs, discarded christmas trees, and the like from Town of Carroll residents only.

Residents will have a designated drop off area, separate from commercial traffic.  Yard waste must be free of contamination such as plastic and metal, and must be delivered in biodegradable bags or in bulk form.


Yard waste delivered to the site will be logged by date for its composition and approximate volume, then placed in a stockpile.  Tub grinders will be used to prepare the yard waste for composting.  After the yard waste is prepared, the material will be moved and placed in windrows to begin the composting process.  Moisture content and temperature will be monitored and maintained at optimum levels to help ensure ideal composting conditions.

Clean wood grinds are intended for direct use in onsite landscaping, to be sold for offsite landscaping, or for use in static pile composting of dead livestock, animal bedding material, or boiler fuel.


Rush, NY, USA

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