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Who is Sealand Waste, LLC?

Sealand Waste, LLC is a sister company to Sealand Contractors Corp headquartered in Rush, New York with regional offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Oakland Park, Florida.  


Sealand Contractors Corp. was incorporated in Rochester, New York in 1977 to provide high quality road and highway construction services in New York State.  While Sealand has since expanded beyond New York and into the industrial and institutional construction and solid waste service markets, they have never strayed from their original commitment to the highest standards and total service requirements of its clients.   

Mr. Daniel J. Bree, sole founder and President of Sealand Waste, LLC is a former part owner of Seneca Meadows, Inc. (SMI).  In 1983, SMI purchased and began operating the Seneca Meadows Landfill, a Part 360 MSW landfill in the Town of Seneca Falls, New York.   

As Chief Operating Officer at SMI, Mr. Bree was responsible for the cleanup of two uncontrolled hazardous waste disposal areas that existed at the site when it was purchased, and the management, permitting, construction and operation of the MSW landfill and support facilities.  During his tenure, Mr. Bree initiated yard waste composting, developed a landfill gas recovery facility supplying landfill gas to an 11.2 MW energy plant, built a waste tire recycling operation and a state-of-the-art leachate recovery, storage and transportation facility.  

At the time of its sale to IESI in October 2003, Seneca Meadows was recognized as the premier solid waste management facility in New York State.  This status as a leader in the industry is related not only to their state-of-the-art facilities, the quality of the operation and the staff at SMI, but also its strong dedication and commitment to the community. 

SMI was recognized by the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Year for 2003.  This award included a proclamation from the Congress of the United States, which read:

“Whereas, Seneca Meadows has been a driving force in the local economy … Whereas, Seneca Meadows has been committed to preserving the environment…. Whereas Seneca Meadows has dedicated its time, talent and resources to the betterment of Seneca County …Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Congress of the United States join all in congratulating Seneca Meadows as being honored as the Seneca County Chamber Business of the Year. We are proud to have such a company in our community.”


The Chamber of Commerce acknowledged “the many contributions SMI had made to Seneca County as a valued contributor to their economy and as a generous donor to charity and community programs.” The Seneca County Chamber of Commerce acknowledged SMI for its tremendous beneficial impact on the community, including the emphasis on the purchase of local goods and services, and substantial contributions in state and local taxes. 

The quality work completed by Sealand has been duly recognized by its customers and the industry.

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